You can find La Farola Cafe & Bistro at the corner of Therberton and Upper Street just a short walking distance from Angel and Highbury & Islington tube stations. With our large ceiling to floor windows, our cozy space feels open and inviting. Our decor reflects our food: classic with a modern twist. We are experts on making a quaint dinner out an event to remember. La Farola is favourite spot amongst locals and easily win the hearts of wanderers who happen to stumble upon us.


Our chefs use only the highest quality authentic Spanish food and organic ingredients, combined with fresh local produce, to create menus that will instantly transport you to their sunny homeland; accompanied by an equally impressive range of wines, arranged into drinking styles to assist your selection.

The seasonal menus are designed to showcase our organic ingredients and bring out their best qualities, put together by our chefs who are passionate about the finest Spanish food & drink, combined with seasonal local produce. Tapas is all about lots of little dishes, which is ideal for sampling a number,


The menu ranges from the classic to more modern dishes, but all focus on their star ingredients; such as the one of the most popular menu item ‘Jamon Iberico’ that processed from Iberian black pigs; left to roam freely and fattened on acorns; before the meat is cured for a minimum of 12 months; then the ham is sliced wafer thin so that you can savour the delicate flavour; one of the highlights of the ‘charcuteria.

Manchego,’ the famous cheese made from sheep’s milk is a favourite but do not ignore the experience of Picos Bleu, a delicious blue; or why not simply choose a selection with a few accompaniments. of different delights.


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There is something for everyone, making it easy to bring friends together, carnivores, fish lovers and vegetarians alike; no-one will feel that they are missing out. There are little plates of nibbles, perfect with a glass of sherry; fresh soups and salads, spiked with tasty range of tapas dishes that leave you with the problem of what not to choose; but don’t forget a little ’Alioli, with garlic mayonnaise especially with the crisp ‘Chipirones’ (baby squid). Somehow there is always a little room for dessert, which is just as well with our homemade sweets.

All our the drinks, hot and cold, have been chosen to compliment the food rather than just as an afterthought.



While our hot drinks are organic and we have also chosen hand crafted artisan roasted Caravan Coffee to keep our products on the desired quality levels.

There are fine Sherries, such as ‘Fino Bodegas Barbadillo’ , traditional Spanish liqueurs ; ‘veterano’ , ‘Licor 43’ ‘Miquel Torres Imperial’ which have been specifically were looked for our customers. and imported beers; ‘San Miquel’,‘Alhambra Premium’, and a selection of the best wines ; such as ‘Rijoca Blanco & Tempranillo’ on offer


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